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概述 General
SVC single-phase high accuracyfull automatic AC voltage stabliers Series is key series of our products,It is made of contact tye sel.couping volage regulator, servo motor, automatic control cirouit and so on . When the voltage of the network is not steady or the load varies,the automatic sampling control circurt makes a signal to drive the servomator to adjust the position of the carbon brushof the sla-ocupling voltage regulator so as to have the output voltage regulated to the rating and to obtain the steady state.
Having the advantages such as wide varielies, complete specifications beautiful appearance, etc and the characte islics such as undisoredwaveform, high efficiency, reliable performance,long-term operation, etc.,and also being provided with the protective functions such as time-delay,over-voltage,etc ..the serles of stabiliaers,of the gen eral type,are the ideal voltage stabiliaedsoruces which can be widely applied to any occasions requiring power to assure the normal operat-on of your power driven equipment.