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产品原理与特点Principle & Characteristics

This product is designeg and developed with the intemalional advanced compensation can keep the outputvoltage in steady stateautomatically when the network voltage fuctuat-ed or the load current varied, which can ensure the consumer run smoothy.It has the advanlageof large capacity、 high eficiency、no waveform dstortion、simple operation and maintenance、rellabie running、ful.capacty output undertower input volage if compared with other voltage sta-bilizer.Itis provided with over-voliage,over-current、phase sequence and so on prolecionfunction.

适用范围Scope of Application

It is suitable Toreleunsuppiy " SmalI-sizea plant、 workshop anddepartment inmaae, iage-sIzut inng enterprise,it can be widelyused in the precIsIon maine o、precIsion instrument, test device,elevator、Imporeuenecilalleahiaar levce、production flow-line inthe mining ent-erprse、 ol eu、 raway, building site、、hotel、 sclentcresearen aepartment and so on, it is alsosuitable for the user.mihe Lv eecirc network end with low powervoltage and big wave range.